the journey of a thousand miles starts offevolved with a unmarried step.” Or so said the historic Taoist grasp Lau Tzu. In my case, the journey to run a marathon starts with the first mile. The image above was taken as I crossed the finish line of the TC 1 mile—a a laugh-run event, held to mark “open season” for marathon registration.

hi, Im Jessica.

Im 29 years old, I live in Minneapolis, and i am schooling to run my first marathon. extra mainly, Im getting ready for the dual towns Marathon, which takes vicinity Oct. 7, simply 5 short days after my 30th birthday—my one big purpose to ring within the huge threezero.

This marathon marks not best the culmination of 20 weeks of disciplined training, but four years of the lifechanging journey of self-development that I launched into only some days after my twenty sixth birthday. It began out clearly sufficientstop smoking, lose 50 pounds. I end smoking bloodless turkey on Oct. 24, 2003 and moved right onto the 391f28ade68635a26d417ea25e9ae9c1 plans. It took a piece longer than predicted, but with the assist of Weight Watchers, a gym club, and a excellent aid device of own family and buddies, I met my initial 50-pound aim in18 months.

the following steps were greater difficult— it wasnt just about my weight anymore. It changed into approximately who i’m as a person, each inner and out. i used to be redefining myself and hard my experience of identification with every mile I ran and each forcethru I handed up.

In 3 years, I went from an overweight, smoking couch potato to an lively, healthful, workoutfitnessvitamins junky. The stakes are bigger now—Ive misplaced seventy five pounds, with 25 greater to satisfy my new purpose: Lose 100 pounds and run a marathon.

Its pretty a lofty goal, but one Im now certain that i’m able to accomplish.

Im now not every body unique. I dont have superpowers, an ultra-revved up metabolism, or the subject and will electricity of an Olympian. Im only a ordinary lady who wakened at some point and determined to exchange her life—one step at a time.

come with me for the adventure—all four years, and 26.2 miles. check lower back every week for the subsequent 20 weeks and notice how Im doing!

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